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Research Projects

Genetic, physiological and molecular characterization of crop responses to salinity and drought stress

Research Type: 
University Research

This work is being conducted in collaboration with Professor Junhua Peng from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the following colleagues:
1- Dr. Parviz Ehsanzadeh, Crop physiologist at Isfahan University of Technology
2- Mr. M.M. Poursiahbidi, Plant breeder at Ilam Agricultural Research Center
3- Dr. F. Habibi, Agronomist at Miandoab Azad University
4. Dr. K. Cheghamirza, Plant breeder at Razi University
5- Dr. A. Roukhzadi, Agronomist at Sannandaj Azad University

Wild reletives of wheat including wild emmer wheat, Aegilops and Bromus species have been collected from west-Iran and are being used.


تحت نظارت وف ایرانی